Child support is just one of the many issues that must be resolved between parents who are divorcing or establishing paternity of their child[ren]. In a divorcing situation, a couple must now stretch income that supported one household so that it now supports two. Even though most parents recognize their obligation to support their children, they often struggle with other expenses related to a divorce and the changing life circumstances. In the eyes of Arizona law, the support of the children takes precedence over any other expenses the couple may have.

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Child Support is determined by the Arizona Child Support Guidelines. While the calculation may seem simple at first glance, there are a number of discretionary factors that only an experienced Child Support Attorney may be able to recognize. These factors could potentially lead to hundreds of dollars per month.

Some factors the court may consider include but are not limited to:

  • The amount of money the parents would have used to support the children if they were still living together.
  • Gross annual income of each parent including any spousal maintenance paid or received.
  • Individual earning capacity of each parent.
  • Amount of time the child[ren] spend in the care of each parent.
  • Child care costs.
  • The allocation of health insurance and medical expenses.
  • Educational expenses.
  • Number of children.
  • Age of children.
  • Any children with special needs.

The court is allowed to make a determination outside the Guidelines if the court deems there are unusual circumstances and that a deviation from the Guidelines would be in the best interest of the child[ren].

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The Guidelines are comprehensive and complex. An experienced child support lawyer can assist you with using the Guidelines to estimate an amount the court will order one parent to pay to the other. Disputes may arise when one party alleges the other did not provide accurate financial information to the court. An attorney can assist with challenging financial statements and making sure the information presented to the court is accurate.

Whether you are a custodial parent seeking child support or a noncustodial parent who will be ordered to pay child support, The Ceroni Law Firm will review all the relevant facts of your case and help you secure the best possible outcome that is in the best interest of your child[ren]. We are dedicated to making sure your case receives the care and attention it deserves.