The Most Professional, Honest, Knowledgeable, and Truly Empathetic Attorney you can hire!!!

Stefano has settled 2 cases for me now…
The first was a very complicated divorce involving children and the second was a Stipulated Order to change custody and parenting time.
The divorce would have been a nightmare if I did not have the right man for the job. Stefano was prepared and extremely professional throughout the hearing. I was terrified of the potential outcome and I walked out of the court room feeling like I had won in every category in question. We ended up settling and if it were not for Stefano I don’t think settling would have ever been an option, but because of his preparedness we essentially won and had the leverage to ask for more than what would have been granted otherwise. I have to mention the most memorable of events during the custody battle. At one point I had a 2nd case simultaneously for a fictitious domestic violence trial. I ended up winning this case additionally, although Stefano was not part of that case he showed up on his own personal time on a Friday afternoon to lend his time, support, and knowledge of the events to testify if needed on my behalf. We did not end up getting the opportunity to use his testimony, but he was there off the clock because he is a person that actually cares about his clients and has their best interests at heart.
More recently I consulted Stefano for the Stipulated Order for Visitation and he was able to address the issues and keep me out of the court room again and I got everything I wanted in Settlement and unexpectedly more than I had asked for again due to his knowledge, expertise, and advice….
Unfortunately for me I have had my fair share of counsel in the past and I thought I would never trust an attorney again and thought the majority of attorneys were out for themselves.
Stefano reestablished my Faith in the Justice system and If I ever need anything in the future I will absolutely use Stefano.
I go out of my way to tell people about my experience and I would recommend his services to anyone regardless of the circumstances.
If you need an Attorney and want an Attorney that will go out of his way to help you than you need to hire Stefano Ceroni….
This man is amazing at his profession and above all else he is honest and sincere!!!

- (5 star review)


After having many missteps in the family court arena I felt that all was lost and that I would be relegated to uncle dad status for eternity. Then I met Natalie, she worked with me to get a plan together and she left no stone unturned. Court filing were always done early and with exceptional legal references and style. Phone calls and email were always returned within a day even on the weekends. I felt before we went to court in the hallway that no matter what happens in the trial I was more than please with what she had done for me. In the courtroom she took it to a whole other level. Her demeanor in court was sharp and well executed and had a complete handle on the room from the judge to the opposition. I know have my son 50 percent of the time and he is getting a great education, in no small part to the efforts of Natalie. In this crazy court system that we have, having Natalie Cerone on your team is a must have.
If you are looking for:
Will to Win

Hire Natalie before your opposition does you don’t want to go against her.

- (5 star review)


I am extremely grateful to have had Natalie as my attorney in a very unpleasant divorce/child custody case. My ex-husband and I did not see eye to eye when it came to the best interest of our infant child. My biggest concern was my child’s safety. Natalie devoted her time and efforts to achieve that goal in doing what was best for my child. Natalie was always accessible to answer all questions and address concerns. Natalie is very professional and knowledgeable. I always felt comfortable having her by my side in court. She was really the best advocate I could have asked for. I would highly recommend Natalie Ceroni.

- (5 star review)

Natalie is a life saver!

I was going through a very hard time with the split up of my family and I wasn’t on top of my game with all the court chaos. I met with Natalie And explained my situation and she gave me the best and worst situation, but never promised me anything she wasn’t 100% sure about. She kept me up to date on court dates and things I needed to do for my case. She was very concerned about my case and had a passion for what she was doing. There were times I would not get things done for progression of my case because I was overwhelmed with all the drama. Natalie gave me advice and hope to move forward and not quit and to keep pushing forward. I ended up getting what I was asking for and cant be more happy with the outcome. I’ve already recommended several friends to Natalie and couldn’t of asked for a better job!

- (5 star review)

Natalie is a blessing to anyone dealing with family law matters in the state of Arizona

I would highly recommend Natalie Ceroni to anyone looking for assistance with family law. I believe Natalie is a blessing to anyone dealing with family law matters in the state of Arizona because unlike other family law attorneys she geniuely cares about your case. What sets Natalie apart from other Attorneys is her integrity, responsiveness, and professionlism. My case was extremely compelx and Natalie never lost focus on the facts and always communicated with me to ensure I was up to speed on everything. I hope to never have another family law matter but if that ever occurs I know without a doubt she is the person I would hire to represent me.

- (5 star review)

Highly recommended!!

In such an unfortunate situation, Natalie was still great to work with from the first meeting until everything was finalized. She was extremely responsive, always kept me informed, and did everything she could to help me through the process. There was never a time where I was concerned that she was not looking out for my best interest, and I felt that I could trust her advice and suggestions. I would highly recommend Natalie and their firm.

- (5 star review)

Amazing Lawyer!

Natalie was everything you could ever want in a lawyer; proactive, thorough, attentive, and fair. This is just to name a few great qualities, but I could go on and on. Nobody wants to deal with court and family law issues, but she made the whole experience pretty painless and smooth. She was very clear about reasonable expectations, and never once did I have to follow up and check in. She was always on top of my case, calling me to make sure everything was in order and prepared. She was amazing!

- (5 star review)

She gives lawyers a good name! The best family lawyer in Scottsdale!

I can’t say enough good things about Natalie Crosby-Ceroni at Korbin Steiner & Marquis.

I have a difficult, what seems to be never-ending family court case that used to keep me up at night. It doesn’t anymore. Natalie and the whole firm got my back.

Family Court is emotional. And I’m an emotional guy about it because it involves my son. I’m pretty calm now that I have Natalie on my side.

She’s wicked smart, and can see beyond the emotion and BS in all of the paperwork. She’s keen on reading the Court, the people involved and like a world class chess player seeing the next move before it happens.

She’s looking out for me, and my son, and oddly enough from my prior experience with lawyers, she looks out for my money, which is nice since I’m not the Bill Gates of Family Court. It is the best money I’ve ever spent in my life, and the first time I’ve looked forward to handing over my hard earned dollars to a lawyer, and I’ve had a few!

I can honestly say that I am more than happy having Natalie and the team at Korbin Steiner & Marquis as my, and my son’s, advocates in this complicated, sometimes nasty ongoing process.

Even though I don’t know the final outcome, I know that I’ve dramatically improved my chances of fairness in an unfair, confusing, complicated and sometimes horribly unjust system “when you’re doing it yourself”.

She sticks up for my rights, navigates the process and tirelessly works on my behalf.

She gives lawyers a good name! If I’d had Natalie on my side before my families life would be exponentially better…We’re well on our way now that we’ve found her.

You can’t go wrong with Natalie and the team at Korbin Steiner & Marquis. They have a deep bench when it comes to experience and talent in all facets of Family Law. And most importantly, they’re real human beings that care to understand what you’re going through as a litigant and parent.

- (5 star review)

Superior excellence!

The unfortunate experience of divorce was very trying and an emotional roller coaster. Stefano was very receptive to my feelings and assisting me through the process being sure to explain all the details of what was going to happen in mediation and court. I would highly recommend Stefano to any person especially if there is a financial burden as he was more than willing to work with me to get through this process fairly and saving money at any avenue.

- (5 star review)

Great results from a great attorney

I met with Stefano regarding the father of my child who is MIA. He was very informative and responded to my request for a consult almost immediately. He was quick to get a meeting date set up and I didn’t have to wait weeks to get in. It was only a couple days. He answered all my question and took his time. He didn’t make me feel rushed at all and wasn’t watching the clock non-stop. Stefano tells you the truth and gives the run down of the worst and best case scenarios. He is not one to automatically demand that you must go to court. He was honest and let me know that court was not necessary in my case and it could be resolve out of court.

- (5 star review)

The Best Choice

After dealing with multiple lawyers it was refreshing to find someone like Stefano to represent my case. He was very responsive from start to finish to all of my questions, concerns. He also took the time to educated me throughout the process on what should or should not to expect. Very much involved in my case which showed dedication and integrity and made me feel he really cares about my matters. Very well presented my case on court as well, confident, prepared and knowledgeable. Very easy to work with . If you need a reliable lawyer who is really looking out for the client best interest He is the best. From me and my family Thank you for everything Stefano ! God Bless you

- (5 star review)

Trustworthy, Communicative, and Hard Working

I retained Stefano as my attorney to resolve an issue regarding a disagreement between my son’s father and I. He was extremely helpful in not only laying out the facts of my case, but very suggestive in different ways that we could try to resolve our issues outside of court. He was very blunt and honest with me and did not waste my time in or out of the office. He was very quick to respond to any questions that I had, and pointed me in the direction that was able to ultimately satisfy our case and resolve the issue at hand. If you want an attorney who will work hard for you and be honest with the expectations, who will not waste your time or money, then go to Stefano. I would recommend him to any friends or family in need of a family court attorney and will definitely use him again for any further issues that might arise.

- (5 star review)